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Lilac Jadeite & Sterling Silver Stud Earrings

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These earrings are made with light 'Lilac' Guatemalan Jadeite. The Jadeite is laid inside a highly polished sterling silver free-formed bezel.  

KEY WORDS: High spiritual attunement, compassion, serenity

Chakras: Crown(7th), Third Eye(6th), Earthstar (below the feet)

Zodiac Signs: 

Pairs Well With: All stones


Lilac Jadeite opens the third-eye, enhancing visions, dreams and extrasensory perception. It also opens and clears the crown and Earthstar chakra below the soles of the feet, allowing for the regulation of energy throughout the body and aura. It is a stone of discernment, promoting the objective and heart-centered assessment of people, information and learning to determine what is most aligned with one’s personal path. 

Lilac Jadeite helps regulate and protect the aura and is useful for those who are empathic and sensitive to the emotional bodies of others. Lilac Jadeite is helpful in soothing the nervous system. It can assist those who suffer from hives, rashes or outbreaks that are exacerbated by stress. 

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