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Green Jadeite Jade Carved Olmec Head Pendant Macrame Necklace

Product image 1Green Jadeite Jade Carved Olmec Head Pendant Macrame Necklace
Product image 2Green Jadeite Jade Carved Olmec Head Pendant Macrame Necklace

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  • Hand-carved Olmec head pendant
  •  Black and gray waxed nylon macrame cord
  • 13 inch long adjustable necklace

This pendant is made with light 'Jaguar' green Guatemalan jadeite. This Jade gets its name from being spotted like a jaguar's pelt.  'Jaguar' jade can be found with a dark green matrix with lighter spots or with a light green matrix with darker spots. Hand-crafted in Honduras, our workers have generations of experience in jewelry making. They're really good at highlighting the beauty of the stones in their work.

Jaguar symbolic meaning:

In Mayan mythology, the jaguar was seen as the ruler of the underworld, a symbol for darkness. Some regard the jaguar symbol to represent power, ferocity, valor, and aggressiveness. Others consider the jaguar a symbol for life force and strength. Either way, the jaguar serves as a powerful totem for those with a warrior spirit


Jade is known as a “dream stone” and as a “stone of fidelity,” bringing realization to one's potential and devotion to one's purpose. It improves one's remembering of dreams and assists in “dream-solving.” It is used to release suppressed emotions via the dream process; for this activity, a piece of jade is placed under the pillow prior to sleep. It also allows one access to the basic rituals and knowledge used during Mayan “dreamtime.” It further the connection with the elders of the Mayan culture, assisting one in obtaining the necessary insights for performing the ceremonial services.

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